Surf the web anonymouslyAlmost all your on line activities are being monitored. Any time an individual visits a web page, chats online, composes an email or even makes use of a file hosting service, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) gathers and stores your personal data.

This kind of data refers to URLs (web addresses), security passwords, download content, as well as IM logs in some instances. This kind of information could possibly be retrieved not just by your service provider, but also by anyone who is computer savvy enough. The consequences for this need no explanation!

Whatsonthebox makes it possible to disguise your IP address, allowing you to browse the net without leaving behind any “traces” which could guide hackers, spammers, as well as other internet cyber criminals directly to your real IP address.

Whatsonthebox allows you to change your IP address to that of a different country, which is extremely useful if you wish to use online services that you normally would not be able to reach through your current location such as blocked websites, some file hosting services, voip services and online tv channel providers such as BBC iPlayer, ITV, 4od, Sky, Hulu, abc, Fox, CBS etc.

Whatsonthebox VPN servers effectively make you invisible on the web and protect you and your personal data from prying eyes.

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