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Do you reside or work in another country and have discovered that you cannot gain access to your favored internet or movie sites?

Has your IP Phone service been blocked? Does your preferred phone provider not allow you to register?

What if you would like to access the US or European version of certain web sites or perhaps watch online videos but are unable to.

A Whatsonthebox VPN account will provide your computer with a IP address in 15 different Countries including Uk, USA, Canada, Germany and Netherlands. Websites which you pay a visit to will determine you to be in the Uk, USA, Canada, Germany or the Netherlands despite the fact that you are not there.

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If you are using an IP telephone service like Skype or Vonage, you are going to greatly benefit from a Whatsonthebox VPN account . We create an encrypted VPN tunnel thru which your calls, internet websites and IP phones are unblocked.

Because your internet connection is encrypted, your local Internet service provider cannot tell that you are making a IP call and for that reason can not block it or document it. Safe, secure VPN protection while you surf the internet on your laptop, desktop, iPad, iPhone and more.

Why to unblock Skype in Dubai

A Whatsonthebox VPN account will protect you while in the home and when you travel. Your complete data, including internet websites, Electronic mail, instant messages etc, are safely and securely passed through our encrypted VPN tunnel to unblock Skype in Dubai.

Whatever country you happen to be in, you are completely anonymous. Our Whatsonthebox IP address becomes your IP address, enabling you to unblock Skype in Dubai and internet sites from anywhere in the world.