Step 1. Add a Network

Open System Preferrences and click on Network, click on the plus (+) button in the bottom left hand corner.

Step 2. Choose VPN Network

You will be prompted to select the Interface and Service Name. Select VPN for the Interface and then L2TP over Ipsec �for the VPN Type �You can use any name for the service name, but we suggest the Whatsonthebox server name. When you’ve finished it should look like this:

Step 3. Click on Create

Click on Create, the Interface will be created and you will have to enter the rest of the details.

Next you have to enter the server address.

Enter your VPN details. In the Server address field, enter one of the Whatsonthebox server IP addresses sent to you by email.

For the Account Name, enter your user-name sent to in your registration email.

Step 4. Click on Authentication Settings

Click on Authentication Settings and enter your Password in the Password field and the Shared Secret which was sent in the email with your log in details , click OK.

Step 5. Click on Advanced

Click on the Advanced tab and make sure that ‘Send all traffic over VPN connection’ is checked. Click on OK

Step 6. Check ‘Show VPN in menu bar’

Make sure the ‘Show VPN status is menu bar’ is checked and click Apply.

Step 7. Close the Network window

Step 8. Click on the VPN icon

Click on the VPN icon in the status bar and click Connect Whatsonthebox Network.

Step 9. Timer Displayed

The icon will show that it is connecting and once connected the timer will be displayed to the right of the icon.

Step 10. You are connected