Step 1. Click on Windows Start and then Control Panel

Step 2. Network and Internet

In the Control Panel click on Network and Internet

Step 3. Connecting to a Network

In the Network and Sharing Center click on Connect to a Network.

Step 4. Click on Set up a Connection or network

The Connect to a Network window is displayed, select ‘Set up a connection or network’ .

Step 5. Select Connect to a workplace

Step 6. Click no, Create a new connection

Step 7. Use my Internet connection (VPN)

Click on ‘Use my Internet connection (VPN)’

Step 8. Enter VPN Account Details

Enter your VPN details. In the Internet address field, enter one of the Whatsonthebox server IP addresses sent to you by email.

In the destination name field, enter Whatsonthebox UK for one of the UK server IP’s or Whatsonthebox US if using a US IP. The same goes for our Canadian server.

Click on Next

Step 9. Enter your User-name and Password


Enter your user-name and password sent to in your registration email.

Enter your user-name. Your password is not required yet so leave this blank for now.

Leave the Domain (optional): box empty.

Step 10. Windows will connect to Whatsonthebox Network

You should then see the window attempt to connect and then see ‘Successfully connected to Whatsonthebox Network’.

Step 11. Set the network location to public

Click close. You will then be prompted to set the network location, select ‘Public Location’ and then close.

Step 12. You are connected